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Starting A Hosting and Domain Registration Business with $0 Capital

In less than 10 Minutes, 0 Techinal Skill required

13. Sep 2021
Starting A Hosting and Domain Registration Business with $0 Capital

More than ever businesses are pushing to be online, from just having customized emails, a simple website to fully-fledged eCommerce systems and complicated web-based systems. All this may be attributed to the impact COVID-19 induced on the business environment, which needed businesses to find other means of reaching their customers and continue making profits during the lockdown.


This basically pushed the demand for online presence solutions to go high. It's to this end that Resellme is providing the tools Web Pros need to help businesses achieve their online presence needs. 


Services On Offer

Resellme offers Domains and Hosting services to Resellers.


We offer an array of extensions. As soon as you sign up, you can start providing,,, .org, .com, .net, right away. If you want to automate the domain provisioning to your own clients, there are lots of ways you can do that.

  • You can use the WHMCS plugin if you have a WHMCS license.
  • You can use the WordPress plugin, which is still under development at the time of writing but will be available soon.
  • You can use the PHP SDK or the Python SDK if you have a custom website

More details on integration are found here:



We offer 2 main packages for the hosting services, one focused on hosting a single site and the other one focused on hosting 30 sites.

Who is Resellme for?

Unfortunately, not everything is for everyone :(. And as Resellme we do have a set of clients we think will be more interested in these services and could benefit more by using this platform. This is not to say, if you do not suit in the following categories, it is over for you :(. Anyone else can still join and learn the ropes, and it's very easy.


Small Hosting and Domain Registration Companies

Normally when hosting and domain registration companies are starting out, and the founders are bootstrapping, they are always looking for affordable solutions. Resellme gives them the opportunity to start with $0 Capital investment!

Web Development Freelancers

As freelancers start to get a constant flow of clients for web development, they will also start to realize that they may be missing out on another ripe source of income. The usual routine may be to refer clients to hosting and domain registration companies when they are done with web development. But how about they provide the hosting and the domain registration service using the resellme platform? This will provide them more revenue and afford their clients the convenience they need to have all their web requirements handled under one roof.

The freelancer can also grow this into a digital agency if they need to.

Digital Agencies

These guys are already providing other digital marketing services such as web development and Social Media Management. Being in this business brings lots of clients that may be interested in web hosting and domain registrations. Resellme provides the exact platform for them to ride stress free.


What are the Costs Involved?

  • A single domain starts from 2.5 USD per year and hosting starts from 1.5 USD per month. So the initial cost can be 4 USD and you only pay when you get a client, meaning the cost is basically covered by the client and you will pay nothing!



We have designed the system with ease of use in mind. Plugins and SDKs are available to make automated submissions directly from your clients to our system, and we send you reports and the transactions happen. This allows you to set the system up and get a constant flow of passive income with you being handed on.

Learn more about available automation >>>> 


Getting Started

  1. Sign Up Here:
  2. Pre-load funds as soon as you login or when you get a client:
  3. Buy the services for your client here: 


Resellme Community

The community for Web Pros - 

  1. WhatsApp:
  2. Facebook:
  3. Developers Forums:

Further Questions

If you still need clarification, you can reach out to or WhatsApp / Call +263 782 779 883

You can find out more about Resellme here:


Seller's picture Kenneth Sonzinyu
Kenneth Sonzinyu on 13. Sep 2021
nice platform
Privy Reza
Privy Reza on 13. Sep 2021
Thanks @Kenneth Sonzinyu, Really appreciate it!

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Thanks @Kenneth Sonzinyu, Really appreciate it!
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nice platform
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