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Unique Zimbabwe's First Online Advertising platform Called Zimadsense

As technology is advancing in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole a company called Ads Network Zim has taken a good step by developing an online advertising platform Called Zimadsense

Technology or Gaming
14. Nov 2022
Unique Zimbabwe's First Online Advertising platform Called Zimadsense

As technology is advancing in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole a company called Ads Network Zim has taken a good step by developing an online advertising platform Called Zimadsense. In Zimbabwe we have great advertising platform like Tengesai , Classifieds Zimbabwe, Ownai and many other classifieds platforms. We never really have a platform like . The platform was launched for Zimbabwean content producers especially the blogging community.

Zimadsense platform is a dynamic advertising platform like Google, Bing, adstera and many others. This platform gives bloggers the opportunity to earn money through Advertisements. They will earn money according to CPC and CPM. This means that Zimadsense will pay bloggers or website owners money for showing ads on their websites. For 1000 recorded views one can get a minimum of $1.

Zimadsense is easy to use and a very innovative platform. The good news about this is if you use Google ads , you can also use Zimadsense without any problems. In Zimbabwe we have great content producers but what was legging behind was we didn't have a platform like Zimadsense. So many people quit blogging because they didn't make any money from it. Though Google was there but it was difficult to withdraw money from them.

For Advertisers

To start advertising on Zimadsense platform you need to create an account for advertisers here. After that you can deposit money in your account using different methods like bank transfer, mobile money and cash. After successfully depositing you can then start advertising.

You can use picture ads or txt ads to advertise. At the moment the minimum deposit is $1000 RTGS. Once your advertisement is approved it starts running and can be seen by thousands of Zimbabweans. The result are instant. You can connect your advertisement and refer customers to your whatsapp, website,Facebook page so that when people click on the advertisement they can visit
your website or chat with you on whatsapp. It's affordable you can use it to promote your products, events and traffic to your company website.

For Publishers

If you are a blogger and want to earn money through Zimadsense you can create an account here. After successfully creating an account you then click on the add website. Add your website link and wait for it to be approved. Approval can take up to 24 hours.

After approval you then click on the Zone. Create a zone for a preferred size, copy the ad zone code and paste it were you want the ad to show. After that you can create as many ad zones as you wish. If you are getting 5000 visitors on your blog you can earn as much as $10 per day.

If you don't have a website but still want to earn you can take advantage of the affiliate marketing program. You can register as a publisher and go to affiliate. Copy the code you see and use it to refer customers to us. When you refer you will get 5% of whatever that person is earning or is depositing. So on Zimadsense everyone can make money.

With this dynamic platform you can see all the statistics in real time. All the views and clicks. You can see all the websites who are showing your advertisement and see it in real time. I love this platform Zimadsense, Zimbabwe is getting there . With a 24hr whatsapp support team everything is solved instantly. You can check Zimadsense platform and support it for a better effective way of advertising in Zimbabwe.


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