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What You Need When Moving Out For The First Time in Zimbabwe

All The Essentials You’ll Need When Moving Out

18. Oct 2021
What You Need When Moving Out For The First Time in Zimbabwe

You’ve probably daydreamed about this moment for weeks, months or likely years. 


Moving out, just like packing for travel, requires the utmost care. You don’t want to leave anything out, or have too much of one thing. 


I recommend always starting out with a list. It helps if you can trace your movements when you’re doing a specific activity such as, say, take a bath. You’ll need soap, a towel, a scrub, shampoo, to start out. Later you’ll look for toothpaste, a toothbrush, a mirror and so on. This will help you to gather everything you’ll need in your usual routine. 


But we also understand that you might not be super great at making lists. This is where I come in. I’ve created lists to help you make that move smoothly without breaking a sweat. The fantastic thing about these lists is they'll show you where to get some of the items you’ll need for your big move. Whether you’re planning on sharing a space or owning a whole space for yourself, you’ll find a couple of items that will make your space, YOUR space. 


What Are The Essentials I’ll Need When Moving Out?


1. Front Door Keys


As comical as it may sound, you’re not doing decor or anything else if you’re locked out of your new place. Before doing anything else, make sure that your lease has been finalised and you’ve been handed the keys to your new home. If you’re handed just a stash of keys, those could easily be misplaced. A keyholder of sorts could help you not lose them, plus it looks cute. 


2. A Wardrobe


Having a wardrobe gives you a space to store your clothes and reduce clutter in your space. Whether you decide to buy a dresser, a wardrobe, or if you have a closet in your new apartment, it makes a HUGE difference. These wardrobes from are easy on the pocket and you can get one custom-made. 


3. A Bed


After a hard day, it’ll feel good to come back to your space to a warm, soft and comfortable bed. A bed is much less expensive to buy in Zimbabwe than in previous years. If you’ve broken the bank and aren’t ready to buy both the base of the bed and mattress then buy the mattress first. Make sure you don’t directly put it on the floor, however. You don’t want the bottom covered with mould. Of course, this largely depends on the type of floors in your new space. However, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you can’t help this, prop it against the walls from time to time to allow it to breathe. You can get an excellent selection of beds here. You can also buy gorgeous comforters and don’t forget the pillows and cases!


4. Mirror


You want to leave the house feeling completely confident. Buy a mirror. Make sure you pitch it up on a wall that doesn’t get much activity. Behind a door isn’t the best idea because it could easily fall and eventually, it becomes warped and distorts your image. 


5. Seats


You won’t be sleeping around all weekend. Get a couch, a sofa, or even a cute bean bag to sit on. If you buy a sofa and you don’t like what it looks like, keep in mind that you can always buy a slipcover to make it look better. Or match it up with bright cushion covers to give your home a chic look. Tengesai has them for an affordable $3.50USD. Most places sell it for $5. You win!


6. A Coffee Table


If you like having friends or family over, a coffee table will work perfectly. We usually spend a lot of time in front of the TV, eating and getting lost in conversation. A table will be helpful for placing your beer, drink and snacks. Not to mention that those card games are even more fun when you have somewhere to place your cards and board games. Plus you can forget about losing your TV remote because you’ll now have somewhere to place it. 


7. Lighting


If you’re moving into a place that already has good lighting, you’re lucky. But if you do find that you’re not quite happy with the available lighting, buy some you’ll like. Lighting changes the ambience of a place, so it’s important to get enough lighting or less of it depending on your preferences. 


8. Curtains


Easily forgettable! Check if your new place comes with blinds or window shade of some sort. If not, buy some ahead of time. Don’t forget to measure your windows first. If this isn’t possible, bring along an extra sheet so that you get much-needed privacy. 


9. An Iron

Most people won’t prioritize this because more and more clothing fabrics are made crease-resistant. You may be totally comfortable leaving the house full of creases but there’ll be weddings, job interviews and other important events when you’ll need to put in a little extra effort into your appearance.  Having it around the house won’t hurt. Also, Tengesai has some irons on their website that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 


Your Kitchen List


Some of these might not directly apply to you now but feel free to pick those you won’t be able to do without. 


  • Stove


Whether you decide to get a gas stove or an electrical one make sure it works for your situation and preferences. If you’re moving into a neighbourhood that gets a lot of power cuts it’s best to get a gas stove. An electrical stove is great because it’s safer to use. If you’re sharing your electric bill with other tenants it’s best to get a gas stove. Whatever you decide on, make sure you don’t forget to buy a stove when you’re moving. 


  • Pots and Pans

If you love showing off your skills in the kitchen you’ll need your pots and pans ready. Plus to be honest it’ll be cheaper for you to cook than eating out every day. Not to mention what it’ll do to your health. Tengesai sells a collection of pots and pans that’ll fit perfectly in your new kitchen or cooking section. 


  • Cutlery


What are pots and pans without spoons, forks, butter knives and cooking utensils? Completely useless. 


There’s decorative cutlery that you can opt for later on but right now pick enough for you and a few visitors that might show up at your new place. 


  • Dish Towels


If you don’t want to end up ruining a new T-shirt or your curtains, buy a dish towel or two. 


  • Plates, bowls, mugs and cups


Other things that you’ll likely forget for the kitchen include salt and pepper, dishwashing liquid and a sponge.


For The Bathroom


Here’s a quick straightforward list of stuff to pick out:


  • A toothbrush
  • Bath towels
  • Hand soap
  • Bath soap
  • Bath mat
  • Toiletries
  • Trashcan
  • Toilet cleaning detergents
  • Toilet bowl scrubber and plunger
  • Curtain for the shower or bathroom curtain (easily forgotten)


If You’re Into Decor


If you’re set on not just starting with the boring basics, here are some ideas of items to get for that va-va-voom effect:


  • Rugs


Never underestimate the ability of rugs to make a home cozy and colourful. Add a bit of warmth and overall comfort to your home. Not to mention how luxurious they look. Rugs come in an assortment of colours so you can pick one that goes with the shades of your other pieces of furniture. Tengesai has the cute fluffy ones in stock. 


  • Bookshelves


For that sophisticated look, buy bookshelves. If you’re already a reader, these will be great for storing all your favourite collections. Plus you know what they say “People with books in their homes seem more likable!”


  • Fake Plants


Or real plants if you will! There’s something about plants that grounds a home. If you’re already a plant parent then you’ll know how to place your plant babies. 


  • Artwork

Support the artists! Their pieces of work beautify your home and you’ll feel good that it's also for a good cause. Or you can use other interesting accessories to decorate like carved woodwork, fabrics or recycled material. Feel free to experiment till you settle for a look. 


  • Scented Candles


Who doesn’t want a home that smells yummy?


I’m cutting short that list here because again, this is your first time moving out. You must remember to be as frugal as possible. Likely you’ve gone through dozens of apartment decor images on Pinterest but it doesn’t have to come together all at once. 


It’ll be super helpful to ask your friends and family to help you make the move. It’s a huge step that is easier with the people you love. Pack all your first night essentials in one box because unpacking can take weeks. Remember to put your toothbrush, skincare, clothing, food and other important items that you’ll need close on the first night in and morning. 


Also, measure your doorways before buying furniture to make sure that the furniture you’ll buy will fit. Take pictures of your new space before adding anything to it so that you make a record of anything that was broken before you settled in. 


The hope is that you’ve completely understood that moving out is a BIG move. It's not just having a personal space where no one can tell you what to do. It's a personal space that requires you to pay utilities, bills and whatever else. Make sure your job is secure enough before moving out. If you have your own business, as most people do in Zimbabwe, ensure that you're making enough to pay your rent religiously. All in all, that’ll be a new exciting adventure that’ll teach you how to be responsible. 


ADULTING starts now. 


All the best, and here’s to your newly found independence!


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