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What Is The Best Free Advertising for Small Businesses?

Free Advertising For Small Businesses.

Business Tips
3. Mar 2022
What Is The Best Free Advertising for Small Businesses?

What Is The Best Free Advertising for Small Businesses? 








For Large or small businesses, advertising is crucial. Some of the topmost established businesses like Apple, Econet, and Simbisa only to mention a few make sure they allocate a budget towards advertising. This gives a glimpse of the importance of advertising for any business. In reality, not all businesses can afford to allocate funds towards advertising especially small businesses and start-ups. However, this does not eliminate the importance of advertising for your business. Luckily, in this digital world, there are several ways you can advertise your business for free.

If you are looking for the best free ways to advertise your business, this is article is for you.


Benefits of free advertising for small businesses. 

Advertizing can

  • Generate awareness for your business
  • Allow you to tell your own story for your business before someone else does
  • Increase your sales
  • Provide basic information to your customers and potential customers like contact details
  • Help generate leads.
  • Enhance goodwill
  • Increase your market share.



Top 5 Best Free Advertising for Small Businesses. 





  1. Google My Business 

Google my business now known as Google Business Profile is a great way to advertise your business without putting in much effort. Google currently holds 92% of the search engine market share. Therefore creating a Google Business Profile is a great way of attracting customers through google search and maps. Making sure your Google Business Profile is SEO optimized will increase your chances of reaching a much bigger audience.


  1. Classifieds 



Classifieds Advertising is a marketing medium commonly found in newspapers and other periodicals such as magazines. In this digital era, some websites and search engines, also have classified advertising. You simply list your product or service and provide a short description including your contact details depending on the terms and conditions of the classified platform you are using. Using this method of advertising is beneficial in the sense that it reaches a wide audience without you going through the process of building the audience. It is also easy to create a listing since it does not require much content. An example of a classified site you can use for your small business is


  1. Social Media 

If your business is not on any social media platform, you are missing out on one of the best free advertising mediums. The best way to succeed on social media is to be active and interactive with your audience by frequently posting and responding to comments. Social media platforms allow you to freely build your community that is interested in your niche. 


  1. Networking 

For small businesses, networking is a chance to get your name out there in the industry. The niche topics of the events will give you a guarantee of meeting qualified leads. As a small business, you should be on the lookout for in-person or virtual networking events. Rubbing shoulders with people in your industry is a good way of free advertising. Make sure you are prepped with your business cards when you attend networking events.



  1. Free Giveaways 

People love free gifts! I mean who does not it costs you nothing right? Create campaigns where you give away some of your products and services for free. These type of initiatives raises awareness of your products and generate new leads because everyone wants to receive a gift.



Bonus Tip


  1. Take Advantage of Virtual Communities. 

Nowadays you can find communities for almost anything online. Join communities for your niche online for free. The best way of getting a good ROI from virtual communities is to add value to the community. Engage in conversations, answer questions and be active. Don’t be a taker, give. You can join virtual communities on Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Pinterest groups, and Twitter spaces.

Here are some links to a few virtual communities click here

Am sure you have no excuse not to advertise your small business now. Get advertising and grow your business.



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